Problems of Forensic Sciences 2010 Vol. 82 (LXXXII) 141-150


Maciej JĘDRZEJCZYK1, Renata JACEWICZ2, Andrzej KOZDRAJ3, Stefan SZRAM1, Jarosław BERENT2
Department of Medico-Legal and Insurance Certification, Medical University, Łódź, Poland
2Department of Legal Medicine, Medical University, Łódź, Poland
3Department of Medical Law, Medical University, Łódź, Poland

The most popular markers applied in forensic genetics have been STR loci, both autosomal and Y-chromosomal. In more complex kinship analyses involving relatives, particularly in the maternal line, mitochondrial DNA analysis may also be helpful. But X-chromosome STR markers can be applied in such cases in forensic genetics too. The availability of Mentype Argus X-8 Kit for simultaneous analysis of eight X-STR loci is causing increasing interest among forensic scientists. Statistical parameters obtained in different studies on X-STR indicate their usefulness to forensic genetics investigations. This paper is focused on the genetic characteristics and unique inheritance mode of the X-chromosome, illustrated with a few examples of casework analyses, where X-STR markers may be applied, often successfully complementing other routinely used microsatellite loci.

Słowa kluczowe
X-STR markers; Argus X-8; Paternity investigation; Forensic genetics.

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