Problems of Forensic Sciences 2019 Vol. 117 (CXVII) 5-18


Amanpreet KAUR, Mohit THREJA, R. K. GARG
Department of Forensic Science, Punjabi University, Patiala, India

Forensic document examiners are, time and again, introduced with different challenges in handwriting examination which they have to deal with. One of those challenges includes examination of handwriting present on unusual surfaces such as mirror, balloon, skin etc. Few research studies have reported on this aspect of handwriting examination, but in overall studies on the examination of handwriting transcribed on skin surface are very limited. Hence, present study has been conducted to find out the effect of skin on handwriting features. Handwriting samples from 30 individuals were collected both on skin surface along with white A4 size sheet. Multiple handwriting features were examined and compared in both the writings transcribed on skin as well as A4 size sheet. This paper reveals that although multiple changes occur when writing present on skin is compared to ordinary writings (paper), still some characteristics can help in establishing the opinion. Further, it also reveals that in suicidal cases writings present over the skin should be photographed as early as feasible. The medico-legal experts should look for any writings if present especially in cases of suicide on easily accessible parts before performing the autopsy.

Słowa kluczowe
Skin; Unusual surface; Transcribed; Handwriting characteristics; Questioned document examination.

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