Problems of Forensic Sciences 2019 Vol. 118 (CXVIII) 103-121


Danuta RODE
SWPS University of the Social Sciences and the Humanities, Katowice, Poland

The research sought (1) to examine risk factors of domestic violence committed by women and (2) to describe the psychological characteristics of female perpetrators. The results indicated that female perpetrators of domestic violence have difficulty maintaining emotional balance and are characterized by impulsiveness and heightened excitability. The study found that perseverance and the tendency to abuse alcohol are risk factors in domestic violence committed by women. After stimuli have ceased to act, and when focussing attention on a bad mood and remembering previous anger episodes, female perpetrators show a greater tendency to continue behaviour and to repeat it. In these circumstances alcohol consumption functions as an inhibitor of violent behaviour and aids emotional coping. The results, which can also be employed to formulate plans for social and psychological assistance and for treating or supervising female perpetrators of domestic violence, make it possible to determine the risk factors of female-perpetrated domestic violence.

Słowa kluczowe
Domestic violence; Domestic violence against men; Female-perpetrated domestic violence; Risk factors.

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